NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts End of Year Event 2018

NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts End of Year Event 2018

In November 2018 after having a few local Auckland based monthly catch ups I decided it might be fun to have an end of year event at my house with a few extra people.  Well what started small turned into a larger event with 40 people at the Brother NZ offices in Auckland CBD with our amazing guest speaker – Gary Walker, the owner of Echidna Sewing who flew over from Australia to join us.

It was an amazing event full of fun, knowledge and amazing goodie bags and lots of new friendships were made!  It was also then, that I came on board as Echidna Sewing’s NZ Manager (if you haven’t read my story about that yet – go check it out).

The support from Brother NZ and Echidna Sewing Supplies was truly amazing and really a demonstration of how many embroiderers there are around New Zealand who are looking to connect with other like-minded people and learn more about machine embroidery.

I now try to have an end of year event every year as there are so many from around the country who need a good excuse to set aside a day to refil their “embroidery inspiration” cup.  I also continue to have monthly get togethers in Auckland (which anyone is welcome to come to) – some are coffee catch ups at a local cafe and others are events where we get together and make fun embroidered items.  

All upcoming events are listed in the events section of the website and are also sent out via our newsletter (you can sign up for that here).  If you’re not yet a member of our Facebook group – come along and join, that’s where a lot of the fun and connection happens!

If I haven’t yet, I hope to meet you at an event soon!


Top Tips for Writing An Embroidery Blog

Top Tips for Writing An Embroidery Blog

I’m so glad you’re exploring the idea of sharing a blog!  We are so fortunate to live in a time where it’s easier than ever to connect with others and each of us with our own unique life experiences has so much embroidery and craft knowledge to share with others!

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, if you’ve created something we would love to see it and hear about what you’ve learnt in your creative journey.

Here are my top tips for writing an embroidery blog to get you started.

1.  Write your blog in Microsoft Word or Google Docs or other word processing software

It may seem logical to want to write a blog in an email to someone but using a proper word processing programme is often more reliable and easier for you to read and edit your work.  

Microsoft Word is a paid programme to download onto your computer but you can use it online for free by using a free Microsoft Live account – Microsoft Word Online.  

If you have a Gmail email account you can use Google Docs for free by logging into your Gmail account – Google Docs Online


2.  Brainstorm some ideas on your page

It’s often hard to start with a blank page.  If you start by jotting down a few ideas, even in bullet point form it can make that page feel a little less daunting.

If you’re stuck on a topic, here are a few ideas:

  • Share something you’ve created and tell us about what inspired you to do it, how you did it (could be a step by step or just an overview) and share your thoughts on parts of the project that were easy or more challenging and what you might do differently the next time you make it (or if you’ll never make it again!)
  • Share photos of some of your projects and write a sentence or two about what the project is, who it was for and what inspired you to create it
  • Share your top tips of things you’ve learnt about machine embroidery so far in your creative journey
  • Have you encountered a problem at some stage and found a solution to it?  Share how you solved the problem with us so that if someone else has a similar problem they can resolve it with your help!
  • If you’re a business owner, tell us about your products and what makes your business unique.  Tell us what inspired you to start your business and who your ideal customers are?

Need more topic ideas?  Get in touch with me 🙂 

3.  Add links to your text

Links to other pages can be a great way to help flush out your story!  If you’ve purchased a design from somewhere and your blog is showing your process of stitching it out, then tell us where you got the design from and add a link to it.  

Doing this benefits the business you purchased from as it will help more customers find their awesome products and it also helps the reader find the design you’ve used if they feel inspired by your blog and want to give it a go too!

Adding a link to your text is easy and if you do it in one of the programmes I mentioned above, the link will stay there when I copy the text across to the website page!

How to add a link to your blog text:

  1. Open a new tab in your browser window
  2. Go to the page that you want to link to 
  3. Click in the box where you can see the website link
  4. Right click on it and choose “copy”
  5. Go to where you’re writing your blog and highlight the text you would like to add the link to 
  6. Right click on it and choose “link”
  7. It will open a little box for you to add the link to
  8. Right click in the box and choose “paste” then hit “Apply”
  9. You will see your text now has a “link” attached to it.

If you can’t figure out how to add the link to the text – copy and paste it into the blog copy and I can add it in when I copy the blog over to the website.


4.  Write like you talk 

You don’t need to use fancy words when writing a blog – talk like you would if you were having a conversation with someone in person.

5.  If you’re not a word kind of person – just add photos!

Photos are actually a really important part of a blog, sometimes more than the words – especially when it comes to talking about machine embroidery designs, embroidery thread colours and your finished items.

Here are a few tips for taking photos:

  • Embroidery thread is shiny which can sometimes be a bit of a pain when taking photos – if you have a table by a window where you can get some natural light but not direct sunlight, that’s perfect for a photo of embroidery!
  • If your room is a bit dark, use the flash option on your camera but try not to get too close to your work otherwise you’ll end up with a big bright spot in the middle of your item
  • Fill your screen with the item you’re photographing 
  • Don’t stress about using a specific camera – most phones these days have great cameras and are perfect for this kind of thing.  Just try hold it in a way that you can keep it steady to take the photos.  
  • Take a bunch of photos and pick the best one afterwards 



Finished the Blog – Now What?

Send it to me to for uploading: 

Still Stuck?

If you’re super keen to share some embroidery knowledge and inspiration with others and still find a blog daunting or feel like you need some help getting started, get in touch with me and I’ll help you out – the first one is always the hardest 🙂